The Willie Lynch Letter part 1


The following excerpt from the Willie Lynch letter explains the process of destroying and rewiring our ancestor’s psyche. “Both a wild horse & a wild or natural nigger is dangerous even if captured, for they will have the tendency to seek their customary freedom, and in doing so might kill you in your sleep. Hence both the horse & the nigger must be broken, that is breaking them from one form of mental life to another, keep the body and take the mind. In other words, break the will to resist.” From this point he breaks down the gruesome degrading breaking process. The main agenda was to break the black family apart, dehumanize the male, which destroys the dependence & respect the female has for the male, resulting in her striving for her independence from the male. Destroying the family dynamics, and removing the black male as the head of the family was just the starting point to rewire the psyche of our ancestors.


The Willie Lynch letter part 2


Part two of this series deals with the demasculinization of the black man, and how that affected the black woman and children. The slave owners viewed the black woman as the money maker, and was considered “good economics.” The black woman was considered extremely valuable because after “breeding” the woman gives birth to the children, and potentially raise the child how the slave owners prefer them to due to the psychological hold. The demasculinization process played a huge role in how the children was raised and developed. The slave owners would demasculinization the males in front of the women which made the men seem weak and not fit to be the head of a family. This rewires her way of thinking which will directly affect the children. The following is a excerpt from the Willie Lynch Letter.

“We have reversed the relationships. In natural state she would have a strong dependency on the the uncivilized nigger male, and she would had a limited protective dependency towards her independent male offspring and would raise her female offspring to be independent like her. Nature had provided for this type of balance. We reversed nature by burning & pulling one civilized nigger apart & bull whipped the other male to the point of death, all in her presence. By her being left alone, unprotected, with the male image destroyed, the ordeal caused her to move from her psychological dependent state to a frozen dependent state. In this state she will raise her male and female offspring in reversed gender roles. For the fear of the young male’s life she will psychologically train him to be mentally weak & dependent, but physically strong. Because she has been psychologically independent, she will train her female offspring to be psychologically independent as well.”

The same cycle exists today, and is extremely prevalent. In today’s society the physical conditions aren’t similar to our ancestors, but the mental conditions are. The lack of fathers, single mothers, and children with reversed gender roles, equate to a broken community. We must continue to release each other from this psychological mind control, and awaken out inner royalty. We control our future.

The Willie Lynch Letter

The next few posts will be pertaining to the infamous Willie Lynch Letter. The Willie Lynch Letter is a speech that has been credited to Willie Lynch who was a white slave owner. He made the speech on the bank of the James river in 1712. There are many reports that the letter is fake and this speech was never given. Many of our people did research to prove that the letter is fake, but they missed the point. Fake or not, what can not be over looked or dismissed is that this is the blueprint for the psychological hold our ancestors fell victim to, and our people are STILL falling victim to today. These next posts regarding the Willie Lynch letter will breakdown the speech, explain how it is still prevalent today, and most importantly what needs to be done to break this psychological hold that controls many of our people.



Golden History of Mansa Musa


Mansa Musa was the historic ruler of a powerful empire in West Africa called Mali, it was the largest empire in the world at one point. Mansa Musa is most famous for his journey to Mecca, and distribution of gold in Egypt. It is has been reported that he travelled with sixty-thousand people dressed in the finest silks, twelve thousand servants with five-hundred carried gold staffs, and eighty camels carrying two tons of gold. Mansa Musa distributed gold to the needy as he continued on his way to Mecca. He gave away so much gold in Egypt, he offset the market and it did not recover until years later. This is an prime example of OUR RICH HISTORY, many more examples to come. Awaken your inner royalty!


Our Rich History

This blog was created to help empower, inform, and re-energize the black community on our Rich History. The Rich History blog will inform readers about current issues plaguing the black community, possible solutions to those problems, provide valuable information about out Rich History, and valuable information regarding the black community. We were well-respected Kings and Queens at one point, and we still are, we just need to claim it. This blog is not to finger point on why we are in the predicament we are in, but to provide solutions, awaken our inner royalty, and open our eyes to what can and will be. We will rebuild and reconstruct our minds, and communities to where we should be. Awaken YOUR inner royalty.