The Willie Lynch Letter part 1


The following excerpt from the Willie Lynch letter explains the process of destroying and rewiring our ancestor’s psyche. “Both a wild horse & a wild or natural nigger is dangerous even if captured, for they will have the tendency to seek their customary freedom, and in doing so might kill you in your sleep. Hence both the horse & the nigger must be broken, that is breaking them from one form of mental life to another, keep the body and take the mind. In other words, break the will to resist.” From this point he breaks down the gruesome degrading breaking process. The main agenda was to break the black family apart, dehumanize the male, which destroys the dependence & respect the female has for the male, resulting in her striving for her independence from the male. Destroying the family dynamics, and removing the black male as the head of the family was just the starting point to rewire the psyche of our ancestors.


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